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We sincerely invite you to spend never-to-be forgotten moments in Giżynek. The place is located at the river bank and offers access to all the water attractions like swimming, angling, canoeing, etc. We offer numerous attractions all year round. For the disposal of our guests we provide also: bicycles, a fishing pond, an open fire lounge, an open fire view terrace, a "feast and delight" open fire and buffet hall with a direct exit to the river side. We offer also access to two saunas: dry and wet (steam). Those of our guests who prefer active spending of their free time we invite for an everyday, tourist routes or cross country jogging. You can bring whole your family to Giżynek: there is a playground for kids and a grill and open fire facility for adults. In winter we invite you for carnival sledging cavalcades and britzska rides. All of our guests have a free access to our greenhouse and our vegetable and fruit gardens. All fruit and vegetable are fresh, naturally grown and healthy. What the most important they are within the reach of one's hand. One does not need to look for chive, tomatoes or cucumbers - they are all at hand. And when you are bored we invite you to weed the garden!!! All that we offer was prepared especially for you.



The Feast and Delight Hall
In case of rainy whether we invite all our guests to our "Feast and Delight" hall equipped with an open fire, a buffet, a gramophone, and a piano for musicians. On the same ground there are two saunas located: dry and wet (steam). Both were built in compliance with all required norms and standards. There is a direct exit to the river side from the "Feast and Delight" hall. You can use the hall for all sorts of ideas that occur to you.



The Grill
There is a lot of convenient space in our premises for organising a big grill feast party with nice and pleasant service, singing and dancing lasting till the very daylight, delicious food and rustic drink. Or the contrary, there is no good reason not to organise a cosy meeting with friends and have a just caught fish grilled. We have not forgotten about an open fire lovers for whom we have a dedicated, surrounded with benches place. The grill and open fire sites are located at the bank of the river, fenced and fully prepared for servicing numerous groups of guests.


The Bicycles
We offer our guest a possibility of a bicycle rent. Specially designed routes and handy maps will not let you go astray, on the contrary, they promise a lot of fun. The routes guarantee a restful and secure activity. They pass far away from noisy and much frequented places.


The Britzska Rides
The attraction planned for future.
Britzska rides are available all year round. Riding in summer you will feel like a nobleman supervising his property and admiring the landscape from the level of the britzska. In winter chilly wind on your cheeks will take you to the times when there were no cars and a horse and wagon was the only means of communication. Britzska can be used as a source of motion for sledges and used for carnival sledging cavalcades.
The horses, a coachman, woods and fields - long forgotten era emerges again from the past before our eyes.
If and when it is available it all depends on you.


The Angling
All angling lovers are welcome to Giżynek at Wkra River. Easy river slopes invite you to find the best fishing position. There is no reason not to rent a boat and float down the river. Nothing compares with the taste of the fresh fried or grilled fish. For fun anglers we dispose of a fishing pond where fish can be caught and thrown back to the pond. For true anglers time spent calmly on angling is much more important than the trophies.


For Children
For our little ones we also prepared a number of attractions. Our kids' play ground comprises a sand-pit, sand toys, and seesaws. In winter we offer sledge riding, sledging cavalcades and britzska rides. There is no end of grass meadows and woods around to play and run till dark. The river offers swimming, swimming lessons, canoeing and angling among others.


The Garden and The Orchard
Fresh fruit and vegetables lovers are sincerely invited to try free of charge. In our greenhouse we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika and so on. In the garden one can spot parsley, chive, carrots, dill and no end of other vegetables. We also offer seasonal fruit like strawberries, currants, cherries etc. You can see the pictures for reference.


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