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Giżynek is a small village located between Unierzyż and Glinojeck. The Hetman guest inn is located right in the centre of the village. Beautiful landscape, woods abounding in mushrooms, the river rich with fish are characteristic and inherently present attributes of that place. The inn is open all year long and offers attractions to both very active visitors and those who prefer more idle forms of rest. There are canoes, bicycles, a fishing pond, an open fire lounge, an open fire view terrace, a "feast and delight" open fire and buffet hall with a direct exit to the river side for the disposal of our guests. There is a piano for musicians and a gramophone for music lovers. We have not forgotten about children: there is a special play ground for their benefit. There are two sauna chambers in the premises: dry and steam (wet). In winter we invite you for carnival sledging cavalcades and britzska rides. It is planned to extend the offer with traditional food and drink in future.

In Giżynek everybody can find a corner appropriate for him, to rest from the stress and noise of the everyday life! It is superb to spend your time in the open air at the river banks or the woods. Birds’ singing and fresh and clean air attract even most ardent stay-at-homes. In some places at the river one can spot beaver lodges or even beavers themselves. The woods swarm with mushrooms, blueberries and other fruit.

Additional attractions that we offer include: organising of canoeing rallies, angling, grill feasts and open fire evenings in nice and pleasant atmosphere. The whole premises are fenced, electronically monitored and secured with alarm system. The guest car parking yard is located within the secured area.

We invite you whole-heartedly to visit us!!!

When you come you will experience exciting moments that will make you come back soon!!!

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